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Create & Track Powerfull Links

Create The Links that Top Amazon Sellers Are Using to Rank Products.


Sending traffic from Facebook or any other advertising platform? Use this tool to create and shorten your Amazon links with retargeting pixels from Facebook, Adwords, AdRoll. You can also easily add in as many keywords as you would like so you can rank for long-tail keywords with ease.


Plug your links into your campaigns on Facebook, Google, eMail, ChatBots, YouTube or Influencers. You can create custom conversions on Facebook or Google and track performance of your campaigns with ease.


Track clicks on all of your campaigns and monitor performance using our analytics dashboard in Real time. 

Rank on Page One with ShortURL

With ShortURL, you can create and track any type of Amazon link that you may need for your marketing campaign. 2-Step URLs, Hidden Field URLs and any custom URL you want to drive traffic to. We have made it easy for you to track link clicks in real time and rotate through as many keywords as you want to rank for.

What is a URL Rotator and Why Should I use it?

Our URL rotator will allow you to link as many keywords as you want using just 1 link! One Facebook campaign can boost ranks for all of your keywords. By doing this, you could earn rank on Amazon for long-tail-low competition keywords- in the most efficient way possible.

Why is ShortURL so Powerful?

We help you shorten your links and embed pixels and tracking codes into your links. This helps you not only create links that help you earn organic rank on Amazon, but it also gives you the ability to monitor performance of your links, and create custom audiences based on who clicks the link.  

Who needs to use shortURL?

Any Amazon seller who is driving traffic to Amazon listings should be using ShortURL. It is not only the most powerful linking tool on the market, we also offer a Free plan so you can try it for yourself. No credit card required. We’re that confident.

Welcome to the best URL Shortener and tracking tool for Amazon sellers that takes your business to a new level.

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$ 0 /month
  • Up to 3 shortened links
  • Amazon 2-step URL builder/Tracker
  • 1 x Retargeting pixel
  • Up to 1000 clicks / month
  • Unlimited Real Time Analytics 


$ 7.99 /month
  • Unlimited Amazon URLs
  • Unlimited shortened links
  • Unlimited retargeting pixels
  • Unlimited custom URLs
  • Up to 20,000 clicks / month
  • Unlimited Real Time Analytics  


$ 14.99 /month
  • Custom Domain URLs
  • Unlimited clicks/month
  • Unlimited shortened links
  • Unlimited retargeting pixels
  • Unlimited custom URLs
  • Unlimited Real Time Analytics  
  • Export Data
  • Developer API